About peacock+pearl

The idea for Peacock + Pearl started with a wedding. In 2018 we got married, but throughout the time we were planning, I really struggled to find bridal accessory pieces I loved.

I couldn't help notice that lots of bridal accessories are similar. This is fine…if that’s your thing. I didn’t want ivory and lace, and it occurred to me that there must be other brides out there struggling like I was!

So Peacock + Pearl was founded - because all brides are different, so why shouldn't their accessories be too?

Everything is handmade, because we like to know where all our materials are coming from. Every piece is made as if it were for our own wedding, and we really feel that gives us an advantage over mass-produced items - not only is your piece made extremely well, but it’s made with thought and love too. Hours of design and effort have gone into every one we sell.

It can even be unique too, if you choose to have something made bespoke. The fact that all products are handmade means that we can make small (or large!) tweaks to the design if it’s not quite right for you.

Our aim is to always blend the new, the modern, contemporary bridal style with high quality materials to produce items which will be loved and are, first of all, personal to each bride!