10 of the Best: Modern Fence Design

We really, REALLY need a new fence. Much to my constant annoyance, it’s the first job that needs doing in the garden - I need to add more (and better quality) soil and rearrange and add plants, but none of this is really sensible to do until the backdrop is sorted! So, with that aim, I’m attempting to cover our current hideous concrete monstrosity with something beautiful and modern, and as usual I’ve turned to Pinterest for my inspiration.

It needs to be gorgeous, unobtrusive and unusual - as you might have guessed from our bridal designs, I don’t like having the same thing as everyone else! However, the biggest factor for me, is it has to be something I can attempt to do myself! To fit in with our #ecogardenproject, I want to be able to make it with as many recycled parts as possible, preferably those I’ve managed to bag for free.

So, here’s my run down of 10 of the best modern fence designs I’ve found in my search - hopefully something here will inspire you too!

So which kind of style do you think we should choose? Maybe a combination of these? Some would be much easier to DIY than others - what are your thoughts? Let us know!