10 of the Best on Etsy: June

As an Etsy seller, I spend a lot of time on the site. I know (from experience!) that all small makers put hours of effort and a whole lot of love into every product they design and sell and, compared to a lot of mass-produced items, it can really show. I feel it’s really important to be conscious of where you shop and what you’re buying, so with this in mind, each month I’d love to give you guys a round up of my ten best finds on Etsy.

Are you ready to support a small business? Let’s go!

wooden cable ORGANIZER

Anyone else hate emergency cable fishing? You know, when your battery is about to die, you’re in the middle of something REALLY IMPORTANT and the cable you want has miraculously disappeared. This wooden cable holder solves the problem while looking super stylish at the same time. Win!


recycled pineapple earrings

It’s like summer came early (we need all the help we can get this year) with these statement pineapple earrings! SunnybySanni makes gorgeous earrings from recycled aluminium cans, so you can help care for the environment while you’re looking fabulous.


floral press-on nails

How utterly gorgeous are these?! Channel your inner Goddess of nature with dried pressed flower decals and gold or silver flakes. Better yet, for the same cost as a single mani, they’re reusable.


good for the soul print

Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder, especially those of us with a chronic illness! This one, handmade by Elle and Indi, looks fabulous in a frame and goes with pretty much all decor.


monstera leaf ring dish

If, like me, you’re still loving tropical vibes in your decor, this gorgeous ring holder is for you! It comes in copper or brass in a variety of sizes perfect for all those little trinkets you need to keep safe.


personalised mongrammed purse

Doesn’t a monogram make everything feel just that little bit more special? We certainly think so! That’s why we’re loving these personalised purses - you can choose up to three initials in five different print colour choices. Just the right size for the essentials!


braided knit shrug

In need of a statement summer piece? This might just be it! Cover up a summer dress on a chilly evening with this beautifully braided knit shrug. Comes in a wide range of colours and three different sizes.


mountains of montana cushion cover

Not only are these neon geometric cushion covers from Earth Cadets a whole lot of fun to add to your interior decor, but they’re good for the environment too. The fabric is 100% organic and the printing process uses eco-friendly inks.


ziggy stardust cat cave

Are you a music lover with a pampered kitten? Or just looking to upgrade your cat’s sleeping situation? Either way, this funky Bowie-inspired cat bed is a fabulous design statement. Handmade from natural wool.


ceramic RIVETED planter

Sometimes elegant minimalism is all you need. This gorgeous 8” ceramic planter from Convivial Production’s Riveted Collection certainly has that in spades! Finished in a calming ivory glaze and comes with a drainage dish so your plants can thrive.